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Upper East Side

Situated within Miami’s Upper East Side, the neighborhood provides a “best of both worlds” experience...

Welcome to Upper East Side

Eccentric architecture and creative energy meet suburban living.

Upper East Side was one of Miami’s first suburbs, and you need look no further than the ornate MiMo buildings to get a taste of the city’s roots. The neighborhood’s spine is Biscayne Boulevard, along which you’ll find umbrella-blanketed cafés spilling onto sidewalks. As this creative community continues to grow, property values are forecasted to rise sharply

One of Dade County’s fastest-growing neighborhoods, Morningside is quickly evolving into a haven for artists and creative types as well as professionals of all ages. Situated within Miami’s Upper East Side, the neighborhood provides a “best of both worlds” experience, combining the lifestyle options of Midtown with a suburban setting, bay views, and the waterfront vibe.

What to Expect

A place of pleasant contradictions, the neighborhood teeters between hectic and tranquil, old and young, and historic and modern.

This is a place where you’ll discover a hip artisan tea shop housed in a restored 1920s structure. You’ll find a retro filling station reinvented as a contemporary tapas joint and writers plugging away in the same place that housed the first snowbirds down from New York. Cafes that sling organic fare occupy buildings that were originally diners and burger joints.

The Lifestyle

Historic Miami Modern (MiMo) architecture, instant access to the waterfront, and restaurants from some of Miami’s best chefs.

It’s very common to see people from all over drive in to dine, as Miami’s most creative chefs have built their restaurants here. The mix of urban innovation and suburban pace is ideal for people who like to chill, but don’t want to sacrifice culture. This area celebrates its contrasts with festivals like “Cinco de MiMo” in which residents old and young come together to enjoy their heritage.

What Not to Expect

City infrastructure is a work in progress, leaving the area short on good schools and parks.

Upper East Side fell into urban decay during the suburban boom of the 1980s, and while it’s rapidly recovering, certain amenities have yet to catch up.

The Market

Accessible single-family homes alongside older high-rises and newer mid-rises.

Property values are accessible, representing some of the most affordable waterfront single-family homes in the county. Properties dating back to the 20s and 40s are found within gated communities, as well as higher-priced beach resorts and condos with lifestyle amenities.

You'll Fall In Love With

This quirky combination of Miami’s past and future offers something for every buyer.

Upper East Side represents a middle ground for buyers in terms of price, location, and speed of life.

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