Gary Vaynerchuk's Video of his Keynote at the Compass REtreat in Austin!



Key takeaways:

  1. Every agent should post 7 - 12/day on social media
  2. TikTok is a platform agents should embrace
  3. Don’t outsource posting, learn each platform and post yourself
  4. LinkedIn is a great platform for written content
  5. If you’re uncomfortable with video, you can post audio
  6. Find what’s comfortable for you and generate worthwhile content
  7. The industry needs to be better at providing value, and not just selling their listings
  8. Market share is shifting to agents who are actively engaged on social media

Watch this keynote to gain a better understanding of how technology and the market do not give a shit about either of us, and if we don't pay attention to the trends that are being established, they will pass us both by. This applies to every business, entrepreneur, or personality. Emotional Skills and putting out content where the attention is will make you successful. Enjoy!

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