Are we talking to the wall?

The other day I showed a listing to a client and I wanted the ground to swallow me up! The house was rented to grumpy tenants (they are always grumpy) who had way too much furniture, were junk collectors, not particularly tidy and had a slobbering dog in the house. So please don’t tell me Realtors make too much money as you could lose a new client by taking them to a house like that. Trust me some houses I have shown have been bio hazard zones.

Sunday was worst! A huge house led to the ceiling with boxes, clutter and God knows what, and a beautifully placed dirty laundry basket right in the middle of the master bedroom. Did they not trip over this? The poor listing agent was very apologetic but she will have to work twice as hard to sell this house. Why?

Buyers cannot see the house if it is hidden behind so many personal belongings, souvenirs and memorabilia. Many buyers cannot imagine the house freshly painted, tidy and without the laundry basket to step over. They have to see themselves in the house to love it.

If the house is kept badly inside, the buyers also think there is a lot of deferred maintenance throughout the property and they will low ball the seller.

I am a very imaginative and experienced realtor so I can point my buyers to the features of the house and past the junk but many are still not convinced.

Sellers: please please please listen to your agents about cleaning up the property, storing most of the nick knacks, touching up paint, using smelly candles, repair little things like closet doors, and get yourself and the drooling dog out of the house when it is being shown. Everyone is far more comfortable then!

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