Appeal Your Property Tax Bill: Don’t Just Pay It!

The property tax breakdown and assessment value, what your property taxes are based on, will be mailed by August 24th. I have noticed when researching sales that the 2007 tax assessments are really high, far higher than 2005 and 2006, and we were already in a depreciating market last year when they were valuating the property in June or July 2007. In my opinion, there is no way that the overall market value should have been more in 2007 than the previous 2 years. This is very strange and I think they really bumped up the tax base last year in anticipation of the law changes this year.

So it is really important to review your tax bill within 25 days from the day you receive it and, if your property is valued far higher than the current market value, please appeal the assessment. I have done this successfully many times especially on properties that needed a lot of work or that they simply over assessed. I suggest using an attorney specializing in property tax appeals. I have used:

Thomas R Post PA
Property Tax Appeals
140 NE 8th St Miami, FL 33132
Telephone: (305) 379-1500

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